Fisher Barton’s TERMINATOR™ blade is 40% harder than standard blades through our patented MARBAIN® technology. Heat-treating TERMINATOR sets this blade apart from the rest of the industry! MARBAIN is material resulting from an exclusive, patented heat-treating process. All blades are heat-treated, but no blade in the industry can advertise the blade hardness offered by Fisher Barton. Our blades register 48–52 on the Rockwell “C” scale.

The Cutting Process

The TERMINATOR’s effective airlift system was specifically designed to obtain better cutting results by erecting and straightening the grass before cutting it.

The teeth are designed to cut the mowed grass shorter and have it release easily from the deck, resulting in a higher mowing speed of your lawn. The effective lift effect also makes mowing in humid conditions easier. Smaller clippings advance a faster decomposition, leading to a well-cared-for lawn!


Mowing Lawn Care

Features & Benefits

  • Strongest blade in the industry – 40% harder than standard blades with less bending
  • Lasts longer – 30% longer than standard blades
  • Our patented design holds the cutting edge longer and has greater wear resistance in the cutting edge and the teeth of the blade
  • Terminator produces fine clippings that allow you to bag more in a single cutting
  • 3 in 1 blade the shreds, bags and discharges
  • Exceeds Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) standards

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