Keeping The World In Motion

Motion control has never been more reliable or efficient. A new generation of more compact, lighter weight and quieter-running gearboxes are driving everything from conveyors to cranes, escalators to earth movers, winches to car washes. Motion control components found in gear reducer and other gear drive applications where bronze gears are the preferred choice, many of the hardest to find, highest quality bronze gears get their start as gear blanks from Fisher Barton and our Accurate Specialties division.

Gearbox Worm Drives

In many gear reducer applications bronze and steel go hand in glove, with a steel worm gear mating perfectly with a softer bronze spur gear that won’t cause premature wear on its harder steel mate. But not all bronze gears are created alike. An Accurate Specialties spuncast composite gear blank offers many advantages over a conventional bronze gear blank, delivering the strength and durability of a bronze rim, but saving the material costs with cast iron or steel center hubs.

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Tension Brakes

Bronze is an ideal ‘friction’ material for the tension brakes and clutches used throughout industry to ensure smooth, reliable, braking and to more precisely control the transfer of material, winding and unwinding of conductive power line reels, tensioning winches and dozens of other applications. Our line of tension brakes and clutches products do bronze one better. Accurate Specialties’ tension brakes feature a composite rotor that weighs up to 60% less and costs 30% less than conventional brakes with all bronze rotors. That’s just for starters.

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