Fisher Barton specializes in the production of high-quality components using advanced manufacturing technologies. With our investments in our people and the latest CNC turning, milling, and cutting equipment we manufacture components with close tolerances, complex geometries, and various features, edges, threads, tapped holes, and surfaces, including large VTL Turning.

Our state-of-the-art machining capabilities features a range of cutting-edge equipment including the Giddings and Lewis VTC 2500 Vertical Turning Center, Okuma VTM 100 Vertical Turning Centers, Momentum MVL-12M Heavy-Duty Vertical Turning Lathes, Haas UMC-750 Machining Centers, Okuma LB3000 EX II Turning Centers, Doosan 5100MB Turning Centers, Okuma LU4000 EX Turning Centers, and Okuma VTR-160 Turning Centers. Let’s delve into the features, benefits, and capabilities of both vertical and horizontal turning, along with Fisher Barton’s metallurgy expertise tailored for various components.

Vertical Turning Centers

Giddings and Lewis VTC 2500: 2.5m Table

  • Features: High rigidity, precision spindle, live tooling capability, automatic tool changer.
  • Benefits: Efficient turning of large and heavy parts, enhanced versatility with live tooling for complex machining, reduced setup times.

Okuma VTM 100: 43” Table

  • Features: Dual spindle, milling capability, automatic tool changer, advanced control system.
  • Benefits: Simultaneous machining of multiple sides, improved productivity, high accuracy, and repeatability.

Momentum MVL-12M: 69” Table

  • Features: Heavy-duty design, large swing diameter, full milling capabilities, multiple tool stations, rigid construction.
  • Benefits: Ideal for machining large components, precise and stable operation, increased machining flexibility.

Horizontial Turning Centers

Okuma LB3000 EX II: Bar Fed up to 3.5”

  • Features: High-speed spindle, precision tooling, live tooling capability with full milling capabilities.
  • Benefits: Fast and accurate turning of shafts, pinions, and close tolerance components, enhanced productivity with live tooling.

Doosan 5100MB:

  • Features: Box guideways, powerful spindle, turret with live tooling, user-friendly interface.
  • Benefits: Stable and precise machining of housings, bearings, and components requiring tight tolerances, reduced setup, and cycle times.

Okuma LU3000 EX Turning Centers: Bar Fed with Independent ‘B’ Axis

  • Features: Dual turret, dual spindle machining center with full axis milling and turning capabilities.
  • Benefits: High speed production on complex turning and milling features.

Okuma LU4000 EX Turning Centers:

  • Features: Large chucks for large OD shaft turning. Extended bed to accommodate longer sizes. Dual turning capabilities for faster production, including full milling capabilities.
  • Benefits: High speed production of large and complex shafts.

Fisher Barton's Metallurgy Expertise

With Fisher Barton’s extensive metallurgical experience, our equipment is optimized to handle a wide range of materials including alloys, stainless steel, and specialty metals.

  • Attributes such as hardness, wear resistance, and thermal stability are tailored to meet the specific requirements of shafts, pinions, seals, bearings, close tolerance components, housings, and assemblies.
  • Fisher Barton’s precision engineering ensures components meet strict dimensional tolerances, surface finish requirements, and performance standards for demanding applications.



Overall Capabilities

Our equipment mix offers a comprehensive range of machining capabilities including turning, milling, drilling, and live tooling operations. We excel in producing complex components with tight tolerances, intricate geometries, and superior surface finishes. Our onsite assembly capabilities further streamline the production process, ensuring seamless integration of machined components into final assemblies.

Fisher Barton’s metallurgical expertise ensures that our machining processes are optimized for durability, performance, and precision. Whether you need shafts, pinions, seals, bearings, close tolerance components, or housings, our capabilities are designed to meet your exact specifications. Benefit from stable and precise operations, reduced setup times and increased productivity with our cutting-edge machining solutions.


Partner with us for precision machining solutions that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and experience the power of advanced machining paired with metallurgical excellence.