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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. For manufacturers, recycling impacts the way they design and produce their products. For consumers, every purchasing decision is somehow influenced by greater environmental awareness and the drive toward sustainability. As a result, the volumes of materials that today are being saved from landfill have grown exponentially. Fisher Barton is helping meet the challenge, with Zenith Cutter knives and blades reduce size in everything from plastic to paper, tires to wire to textiles. Faster. More efficiently. With less effort. So it can be used again.

Plastics Recycling

Plastics are everywhere and applications are increasing. So too is the drive to find ways to efficiently recycle this versatile material. We’ve been at the forefront of plastics recycling for years, with our line of Zenith Cutter high-quality granulator knives, pelletizers, shredders and screens. With introduction of the Zenith Cutter Shredzilla®, we offer the solution for plastics and other high-wear applications.

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Tire Shredding

Tires pose a significant recycling challenge. Zenith Cutter high quality shredder knives and screens are the solution to speeding the process and making it more efficient. All are manufactured with advanced materials for ultra-rugged performance and to the precise tolerances required by OEM specifications for all models of shredders and granulators.

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Wire Recycling

Copper is a valuable commodity and in high demand. Reliability and consistency are essential in the blades used to chop copper wire as a critical step in the recycling process. Zenith Cutter blades are available in application-specific materials that when combined with our proprietary heat treat processes deliver maximum toughness and reliability.

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