Zenith Cutter has been manufacturing tree care knives and arborist accessories engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of brush chipping and timber processing applications for the past 20 years. Because our wood chipper blades last longer, we keep your machines running longer and make you more productive.

Founded on the development of knives for woodworking applications, Zenith tree care knives and arborist accessories are the recognized brand of premium scoring tips, wafer knives, stranders, OSB knives and OSB waferizers for the wood OSB industry.



Made of the finest steel available, Zenith Cutter produces waferized knives for the timber industry.

Planer Blades


Manufactured to exacting tolerances, our planer blades are available at competitive prices.

Scoring Tips


Zenith Cutter manufacturers scoring tips that are long-lasting and durable.

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