Industry is on the move and gears made with bronze are delivering the motive power, from a mining operation in the Australian outback, to the West Texas oil patch, to the new motorcycle in your driveway.

You’ll find them wherever durability, strength, wear and corrosion resistance are at a premium: hoists and cranes, elevators and escalators, gear boxes and power transmissions. For the makers of these gears and the companies that apply them, failure’s not an option – so they start with the best: Accurate Specialties Bronze Gear Blanks.

Searching for a better bronze gear blank for your next project? Fisher Barton can apply a wealth of materials expertise and manufacturing resources to optimize design and materialize a new solution that’s not only ready to hob, but also ready to take your gear to an entirely new performance level.

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Composite Gear Blanks

By using bronze for only the critical gear tooth portion of the component, and much less expensive steel and cast iron for the center hub, composite gear blanks save big on material costs. Further savings result when a single composite gear blank replaces a multitude of costly machined parts and expensive materials.

Sizes range from 3″ to 24″ diameter, configured to meet the requirements of almost any application.

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Products By Application
Smart Seed Planting

Agriculture: Smart Seed Planting

Cured Meat Slicing

Food Processing: Cured Meat Slicing

Worm Drive Gearbox

Motion Control: Worm Drive Gearbox

Centrifugal Cast Bronze Blanks

Centrifugal casting ensures uniform purity, weight, density, and quality throughout the gear blank. These bronze gear blanks put the strongest material at the outer edge for gear teeth that can withstand exceptionally high levels of strain, shear-stress, and overload without fracturing.

We make them all from solid bronze—whether standard 907 bronze or many other bronze alloys to fit your application. Sizes range from 2″ to 50″ in diameter, up to 5,000 lbs.; one-off or in quantities in the thousands.

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Products By Application
Fracking Equipment

Energy: Fracking Equipment

Chillcast Gear Blanks

The chilled casting process produces a bronze gear blank with fine grain structure and outstanding uniformity throughout. It’s ideal for casting high quality products in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We’re expert at finding and applying the right bronze alloys to meet exacting performance requirements.

We can produce chillcast bronze gear blanks at near-net-shape, perform secondary machining operations, and deliver completely machined, ready-to-hob gear blanks to save you time and money.

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Products By Application
Steer-by-Wire Actuator Gearbox

Transportation: Steer-by-Wire Actuator Gearbox

Tension Brakes and Industrial Brakes and Clutch Assemblies

Two of our latest product lines are a natural extension of our expertise with the application of bronze alloys in high precision applications, combined with our world-class manufacturing capabilities and full-service bronze foundry. All are designed to improve performance, reduce cost and add to the operating lifecycle as compared to competitive products. These include:

  • Tension brakes
  • Friction brake pads
  • Composite brake rotors
  • Industrial brake and clutch assemblies
Products By Application
Tension Brakes

Motion Control: Tension Brakes

Continuous Cast Bar Blanks

Continuous cast bar blanks are made with an alternative casting method that is particularly competitive when applied to simple, low feature gear blank designs. The continuous cast process allows for part-specific casting, where simple features can be continuous cast into the raw material, thus providing a “near net” shape.

Our high-speed in-house production flow is equipped to cut bars into pucks, then lathe-turn them into gear blanks or shafts at speeds to meet higher volume requirements and Just In Time turn-around.

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Products By Application
Clutch Worm Gear Blank

Solar: Clutch Worm Gear Blank