Finding New Ways To Harness The Energy

Energy doesn’t come cheap, and demand has never been greater. Couple that with the need for renewable, sustainable energy sources, and the heat is on for new technologies that operate more efficiently, and more reliably. Fisher Barton is helping, with products for two of the hottest energy sectors today: fracking and solar. They’re as different as night and day, but both have an insatiable appetite for components that run day in and day out without worry. At that, Fisher Barton excels.

Fracking Equipment

Wear Products

In just a few short years, fracking has helped put America on the cusp of energy independence. The equipment that extracts oil and gas from deep underground must run round the clock in harsh environments that are often remote and difficult to access. Fisher Barton is your source for wear components made from our MARBAIN® material, designed to last longer and perform better under all conditions.

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Bronze Gear Components

From the gears that pump to the tanker trucks that haul the end product, Fisher Barton’s Accurate Specialties bronze gear blanks are hard at work in fracking as well as throughout the oil patch industry. We’re wherever power transmission through gearboxes or other gear-drive systems is required: the jackscrew mechanisms that raise and lower drilling platforms; high speed pumps used to extract oil from wells; pumping fluids into the ground for fracking operations.

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Engineered Coating Solutions

Fisher Barton and its TST Engineered Coatings Solutions division offer specialized coatings for Energy, including wear, corrosion, impact resistance, strictly corrosion and lubricity, to help optimize the performance of your components. We are a leading producer of fracking pump plungers and combine complete turnkey manufacturing with the added value of coating adhesion. Our FUSIONbond® proprietary process creates a consistent deep metallurgical bond for greater adhesion, making ideal to improve the performance of a multitude of fracking components.

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It’s renewable, sustainable and increasingly economic. No wonder more energy companies are turning their attention to solar. Bronze gears that get their start at Fisher Barton’s Accurate Specialties Division deliver the high dynamic and static torque load capacity needed for the tracking assemblies using worm gear drives to deliver power with precision accuracy.

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