Building It Better From The Ground Up

Construction is on the move and infrastructure is at the top of the list of what needs to get done. It’s a competitive landscape, and contractors need equipment they can operate more reliably and profitably. Who has time for costly repairs or can afford equipment that sits idle? Equipment manufacturers rely on Fisher Barton for a wide range of construction equipment components like ground engaging wear parts – all designed to stay durable in the toughest conditions. Fisher Barton is also a leading source for the bronze gear blanks needed to produce gears for the drivetrains of even the largest construction vehicles.

Ground Engaging Components

Ground engaging wear parts bear the brunt of day-to-day construction and excavating operations. Fisher Barton builds them all better, with MARBAIN® material, combined with our exceptional heat treating capabilities. They’re ideal for hard work and heavy lifting: from the cutting edge on a grader or scraper, rippers and dozer blades on a dozer, to the dozens of other types of wear part applications requiring maximum dependability.

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Drive Components

Bronze gear blanks are integral to the reliable, long-running performance required in countless drivetrain applications. Fisher Barton manufactures bronze gear blanks to meet the customer’s exact requirements and we have all the resources necessary to produce ready-to-hob gear blanks in sizes up to 50 inches in diameter for the largest vehicle types, and from standard 907 bronze or a variety bronze alloys to meet any application requirement.

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