At Fisher Barton, we know what you’re up against. The agriculture industry will need new technologies to meet the demands of a hungry world, while relying on increasingly scarce resources. Global food production is expected to increase by almost 70% by 2050. That requires agriculture wear products that run longer and operates more efficiently in every sector of the industry. We’re at the forefront of developing this next generation of components.

Soil Prep and Planting

Wear Products

We apply advanced materials, heat treating and a wide variety of wear resistant coatings to provide the most durable performance and wear characteristics in tillage, planting and fertilizing components.

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Bronze Gear Components

Soil prep and planting is hard work, and usually done early in the season when conditions are harsh and the clock is ticking. Tractor drivetrains and transmissions rely on robust, long-lasting Bronze Gear Components from Fisher Barton to operate in these high-stress, heavy-load applications.

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We produce a wide range of products for combines, forage harvesting, mower conditioners and balers by optimizing base materials with specific heat treatments and wear coatings. We’ve worked with the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM’s) to improve wear resistance and reduce weight in this critically important equipment.

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Livestock Feeding

Feed Mixers are a critical component in every livestock operation. The use of wear resistant coatings on MARBAIN® base material extends the service life of the knife component — improving your return on investment.

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