Corrugated is the material of choice to put strong, lightweight protection into the easily customizable packaging solution so many companies around the world are in need of today. When it comes to corrugated, there’s no better source than Fisher Barton for all the corrugated knives and accessories you need to cut faster, more precisely, and with long-running reliability.

Corrugated Board Production

There’s no time to waste. Our line of Zenith Cutter corrugated products includes everything you need to ensure fast set-up, exact cutting and maximum run life. Our line includes slitter blades, male slot knives, female slot knives and cut-off knives – all designed and machined to put more precision and longevity in your corrugated board production line. With the addition of our Wolverine™ Male Slotters, even over-recycled corrugated can be produced even faster and with 24% less dust than the competition. It’s just one example of Fisher Barton innovation at work.

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Corrugated Box Making Converting

We’ll help you build a better box. Clean cutting and minimum downtime mean everything in today’s fast-paced, make-it-today, ship-it-tomorrow box making world. No wonder Zenith Cutters are regarded as the world’s best for cutting and converting corrugated. Most importantly, Fisher Barton excels at cutting time and cost. While many of our products are in stock and available today, Fisher Barton has the experience and resources to produce custom engineered products in just weeks to fit your specific corrugated machinery and operations.

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