Where The Grass Is Always Greener

Is there anything more appealing than a beautiful lawn? It can appear effortless, but any landscaping professional will tell you they owe a lot to the equipment they use and, most importantly, sharp mower blades. Sharper mower blades and sharp-looking lawns go together, and for that the industry relies on Fisher Barton’s OEM lawn mower blades. We’re the global leader in commercial and residential mower blades that cut better, last longer, run quieter, use less energy and are safer to operate.

Rotary Mower Blades

We make blades for mowers of all types, makes and sizes: riding, walk-behind, zero-turn. All are engineered and manufactured to meet the particular requirements of leading lawn mower OEMs worldwide. Most importantly, we’re always innovating. Our revolutionary LaserEdge® mower blade, for example, is the solution commercial landscape contractors have always wanted: a blade that never requires sharpening! LaserEdge® with advanced EverSharp™ edge stays sharp for the life of the blade, as compared to conventional blades that can become dull in just hours.

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Reel Mower Bedknives

At Fisher Barton, we make a better bedknife. From high carbon alloys to high strength tool steels, we apply the ideal material for each bedknife application, ensuring higher impact resistance, higher yield and higher tensile strengths. For the OEM, our blades are manufactured to tight tolerances and our mounting holes are precisely matched to mower reel specification to ensure fast, easy installation.

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