Nothing cuts it like a Zenith Cutter® industrial knife. Around the world, in countless applications, whether it’s making corrugated boxes, converting films, foils, and papers, or breaking down valuable materials for recycling and reuse, Zenith Cutter knives work faster, last longer — and cut deeper into the cost of production.

We’re the best in the business because we never stop innovating. Our application of higher-grade steels, continuous improvement of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and access to all the technology resources Fisher Barton has to offer give Zenith Cutter knives a performance advantage that none of our competitors can match.

Zenith Cutter is further supported by Metkraft, Fisher Barton’s Vietnam Industrial Knife division. Metkraft supplies high-quality products around the world, offering precision parts services in Asia from its 135,000 sq. ft. facility. Metkfraft manufactures industrial knives for wood chipping operations, wafer and Oriented Strand Board (OSB)  manufacturing, steel slitting, pulp, paper, corrugated paper industries, roofing shingles, plastic recycling, and cardboard box production, Learn more about our global reach.


No wonder we’re the leading manufacturer for the corrugated industry. Since 1953, our corrugated knives and blades have exceeded customers’ expectations by continuously ensuring the best products at the best prices. Our full line of corrugated products include cut-off and rotary shear knife sets, slotting knives, high-speed steel or carbide razor slitters, brass fingers, brass strippers, collars, scoring rings, urethane, and accessories.

Wolverine is our latest male slot knife specially designed for the rigors of corrugated; with twice as many teeth and a sharper angle for cleaner cuts on corrugate, and an improved manufacturing process that produces a knife that’s sharper right out of the box.

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For processing films and foils, tissues and paper and other converting applications, Zenith Cutter offers the complete range of precision solutions to choose from, including standard and custom slitters, scoring and perforating knives, crush cutters, dished blades and guillotine knives. Available in a broad array of metals, coatings, finishes and designs to meet specific applications and critical tolerances.

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Fisher Barton is helping meet the challenge, with Zenith Cutter knives and blades used to reduce the size of everything from plastic to paper, tires to wire to textiles. Faster. More efficiently. With less effort. So it can be used again.

For the types of extreme, high wear shredding required to reduce size of materials like plastics, tires, wood, paper and carpet, there’s nothing hungrier for these tough materials than the Shredzilla® Carbide-Capped Shredder Blade. It outperforms solid carbide cutters, solid steel knives and carbide insert knives.

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Roofing materials are as varied as the homes and buildings they’re used on. Zenith Cutter knives ensure the longest possible life, minimum downtime and greatest productivity regardless of the granular size or source, sand or talc backing, type of filler use of fiberglass or web thickness. These knives are ideal for fast setup and smooth operation – the perfect solutions for re-knifing your cylinders.

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Zenith Cutter chipper knives and Arborist Accessories are engineered to withstand the rigorous, day-to-day, around the clock demands and harsh environments common to brush chipping and timber processing applications. With longer-lasting chipper knives, Zenith Cutter keeps your wood chippers running longer and processing more material faster and more efficiently.

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