Since 1973, Fisher Barton has led the industry, becoming the global leader in commercial and residential mower blade development and manufacturing. Our product innovations, materials and coating technologies continue to set the industry benchmark for blades that cut better, last longer, run quieter, use less energy and are safer to operate.

As an OEM direct supplier of lawn and turf care components, Fisher Barton is committed to durability, cost efficiency and superior performance. From material characterization, design assistance and process selection to the finishing options you need, we provide component solutions for a broad range of applications. Leverage Fisher Barton’s expertise to materialize technology-based wear solutions innovation to be your one-stop solution for customized manufacturing.

Approximately 90% of the company is devoted to the production of more than 900 different rotary blade designs for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) each year. Fisher Barton serves the commercial and residential customers throughout the United States, as well as Canada, Europe, and China.

Our exclusive MARBAIN® base material is recognized as the industry’s premier blade material, with over 80 million blades in use to date.

Our engineers at The Fisher Barton Technology Center developed LaserEdge®, the next generation commercial mower blade that “Cuts Itself Sharp!

Rotary Mower Blades

For manufacturers who need riding mower blades, walk behind mower blades, or zero turn mower blades, no other company produces higher quality blades than Fisher Barton.

From our facility in Watertown, Wisconsin, we engineer and manufacture a wide range of lawn mower blades and wear components to fit the needs of leading lawn mower OEMs worldwide.

Our long history of excellence in mower blade manufacturing, innovative production processes, and unique metallurgical expertise make Fisher Barton Blades lawn mower blades and wear components the finest in the industry.

From material selection to manufacturing process, Fisher Barton provides Original Equipment quality lawn mower blades to the commercial and residential mower blades through OE dealer networks.

Fisher Barton Blades offers engineering and design assistance to turf care and lawn & garden equipment OEMs, partnering to produce the ideal blades and wear components for their application.

Tap into our extensive knowledge of all aspects of mower blade design. Whether you need high lift lawn mower blades, mulching lawn mower blades, bagging lawn mower blades, or any other specialized design, we have the expertise and the know-how to create the perfect blade.
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Mulching and Shredding Blades

It’s meant for mulching, and much more. Patented technology produces the finest clippings possible, so they’re easy to collect or return to the surface. MARBAIN material and heat treat process make it the strongest mulching and shredding blade ever.

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Shredding Blades

MARBAIN® material and heat treat expertise combine to make a blade that’s 40% harder than standard blades, so it lasts longer and cuts sharper. The perfect 3 in 1 blade to shred, bag and discharge.

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Commercial Mower Blades

No more downtime to sharpen blades. No more blade sharpening expenses. No more wasted fuel on cutting with dull blades. These benefits and more from this extraordinary lawn mower blade.

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Reel Mower Bedknives

Fisher Barton bedknives are original equipment that we distribute direct to our customers, providing both quality and value. From high carbon alloys to high strength tool steels, we specify the ideal material for each bedknife application, ensuring higher impact resistance, higher yield and higher tensile strengths. We’re continually improving our wear resistance and hardness up to 63 Rc.

As original equipment components, our blades are manufactured to tight tolerances and our mounting holes precisely match mower reels, designed specifically for each application.


Greensmower, Tee Box, Fringe, Apron Knives, and Fairway Bedknives

Original Equipment Replacement Bedknives

Original Equipment Replacement Bedknives

As original equipment components, our blades are manufactured to tight tolerances and our mounting holes precisely match mower reels, designed specifically for each application.

D2 Bedknives

D2 Bedknives

For customers looking for better blade toughness and great hardness of 58-60 HRC, Fisher Barton offers a bedknife alternative utilizing D2 tool steel that provides high wear resistance and premium edge-holding ability.

M2 Bedknives

M2 Bedknives

For the best knife edge available, customers can choose Fisher Barton M2 bedknives. An M2 tool steel insert placed on the edge brings hardness from 60-65 HRC, providing customers cutting tool quality to their reel mower application.