Fisher Barton Blades is the world leader in lawn mower blade manufacturing.

In-house testing ensures the safety and quality of all our mower deck blades. Our testing processes are designed to promote mower safety by checking our blades for defects and excessive wear that may occur during use and misuse.

Bend tests verify that the proper ductility has been achieved in our mower deck blade manufacturing. These tests involve using a hydraulic-powered ram to steadily bend our blades to a predetermined degree. The areas of elongation that this bending produces are then thoroughly inspected. To pass the bend test, a blade must show no visible signs of cracking.

Stake testing is employed on our mower deck blades, which involves running a blade at full speed on a test lawn mower and then quickly inserting a steel rod in the blade’s path. The resulting impact brings the spinning blade to an abrupt halt. To pass this test the blade must not break, crack, or chip. Bending is the expected and acceptable outcome in regard to mower safety.

The major lawn mower manufacturers who use Fisher Barton blades perform further tests, as well. Our mower deck blades consistently pass all mower safety tests to which they’re subjected.

Our lawn mower blades benefit from our materials engineering expertise, innovative designs, superior base materials – including our patented MARBAIN® – and our unique austempering heat treatment processes.

Fisher Barton Blades manufacture nothing but the safest and highest quality mower deck blades.

Fisher Barton MARBAIN® Lawn Mower Blades Undergo Severe Testing

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