Rugged Industrial Knives

The world’s forests are increasingly important in the drive for sustainability and in helping offset carbon emissions. Trees are a precious, renewable resource, and managing and maintaining these precious resources takes skilled arborists operating productive new technologies. Fisher Barton has deep roots in wood. Our Zenith Cutter division started making products for the wood industry almost 100 years ago. We’ve been manufacturing Zenith Cutter wood chippers and knives – engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of brush chipping and timber processing applications since 1995. To learn more about the various applications of industrial knives visit

Chipping and Timber Processing

Fisher Barton’s Zenith Cutter chipper knives are specially designed and engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of brush chipping and timber processing applications. With longer lasting Zenith blades, we keep your wood chippers running longer and more productively. We perform all the manufacturing steps in-house too, to ensure the highest quality. We start with premium modified A8 chipper steel, mill it to precise depth and thickness, heat treat and temper it for long wear and toughness, and then finish grind and bevel edge it for easy installation in the field.

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Waferized Board Production

Fisher Barton’s Zenith Cutter division was founded on the development of knives for woodworking applications. Today, we are a leading manufacturer of premium scoring tips, wafer knives, stranders, OSB knives and OSB waferizers for the wood OSB industry. We stock these products in all the standard sizes for the most common applications and equipment types for fast delivery; we also excel in producing special engineered variations to meet a customer’s particular requirements.

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