Delivering products that perform better. Longer. In Europe.

Fisher Barton provides agricultural wear components and knives to the European Union under the Lund Precision Products™ name brand.

Today’s harvesting equipment handles more crop than ever before, and this crop contact causes internal components and blades to wear too quickly. Fisher Barton provides the correct coating solution for the high wear application. Our lower porosity, superior coating quality provides high carbide content when compared to competitor coatings with non-uniform carbide distribution. That, in addition to extended wear, in some applications, self-sharpening is possible as the base material wears away.

Superior Coating Quality
Fisher Barton has high carbide content with nearly 0% porosity present in our components.

Competitor Coating Quality
The non-uniform distribution of carbides seen in competitor’s samples results in a less wear resistant component.

Self-Sharpening Effect
Fisher Barton’s laser clad and spray coatings protrudes out from the base material and creates a sharp edge. The carbides are more visible as the coating matrix wears away.

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