With the goal of providing the strongest, hardest, longest-lasting material in the industry for manufacturing lawn mower blades, Fisher Barton developed MARBAIN®. An exclusive, durable, cost-effective, and patented material, MARBAIN® is a preferred alternative to abrasion-resistant steel and other hard metals used to make blades.

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Why You Need Marbain® Blades

What are MARBAIN® Blades?

MARBAIN® is a proprietary heat-treated steel that is built with sturdiness in mind. Manufactured with AISI 10B38 base material, it is austempered, not quench/tempered. Using our materials expertise, we take our austempering process to the next level. By eliminating quench cracks, high-hardness parts that are extremely ductile are produced. Hardnesses of between 48 – 52 Rc are achieved, improving wear resistance by 33% over conventional austempering processes.

Fisher Barton MARBAIN® lawn mower blades are extra durable. They provide the best strength and hardness of any mower blade on the market. Ideal for turf care professionals and those with industrial-strength lawn care needs, MARBAIN® steel blades last longer than our best austempered blades.

Benefits of MARBAIN® Blades

MARBAIN® blades are high quality, wear-resistant, bend-resistant, and durable. Our exclusive, proprietary, patented heat-treating process gives blades unmatched high hardness levels. Harder, stronger MARBAIN® blades require less sharpening time and offer:

  • Thinner and lighter components
  • No loss in field life or wear resistance
  • Guaranteed impact toughness (ANSI-S483 compliant) in every rotary cutter blade
  • No increased brittleness at 48-52 Rockwell ‘C’
  • Cost-effectiveness

Reduced-weight blades made of MARBAIN® have the potential to provide quicker starts and stops, less wear on the PTO clutch brake, and lower fuel consumption.

How Do We Test Our MARBAIN® Blades?

To ensure our MARBAIN®blades are the best in the industry, we put them through a vigorous battery of tests. Fisher Barton engineers analyze their strength and durability with tests that are more severe than industry standards.

The Stake Test

The stake test assesses the durability of each blade. Blades are spun and torqued higher than they would be on a tractor or a mower, and a one-inch steel rod is fired into the blade’s path to stop it instantly. This process is done multiple times to ensure our blades are the most durable on the market.

The Bang Test

The bang test proves blade superiority. A normal mowing blade and one made of MARBAIN® are banged together. In this test, the stronger blade — the MARBAIN® blade — always prevails.

The Sand Test

Sandy conditions will wear blades down significantly faster. For the sand test, the tester puts the blade in a machine and simulates mowing in a sand-based region. The durability of MARBAIN® is the key to blades surviving the test of sand and other abrasive surfaces.

MARBAIN® is an alternative for Abrasion Resistant Steel (AB)

Fisher Barton’s MARBAIN® material is harder, stronger, and lasts longer than competitive offerings. This cost-effective solution is the ideal alternative to abrasion-resistant steel and other manufacturing materials that aren’t durable enough for tough conditions. MARBAIN® material not exclusive to the Turf industry. MARBAIN is also used in Agriculture, Mining and Forestry industries where harsh conditions require extreme hardness and toughness. MARBAIN base material when used in concert with Fisher Barton surface engineering solutions create the toughest, most durable and longest lasting parts available in the market today.

Leading the Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers blade working group, in 1992, Fisher Barton submitted standards changes that have since been implemented. In 1995, MARBAIN® was patented and introduced to the mower blade and agricultural markets. This material is 40% harder than standard steel. 55% of the blades we manufacture are MARBAIN®. Today we are a leader in the industry based on our core values of customer excellence, a culture of fairness, and community involvement. These 3 C’s impact the way we do our jobs and the processes we use to perform better.
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