The Construction of the Accurate Specialties Turning Center of Excellence

Finishing Touches Are Complete

Many of the finishing touches are complete. Machinery is rolling in, touch-up paint is done, furniture is in place, signage is up, IT has worked their magic and the first of many meetings and tours has taken place. The Accurate Specialties Turning Center of Excellence vision has become a reality.…
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New Year New Capabilities for Fisher Barton

Fisher Barton took occupancy of our new building just before the holidays. We couldn't ask for a better gift or way to wrap up 2023. Final coats of paint are being applied, carpet and tile are in, signs are going up, and equipment is moving in.

Heating/Air Conditioning Rooftop Placement

An unusually warm, but blustery morning was the perfect backdrop for the placement of four heating/air conditioning units on the ASI Turning Center of Excellence's rooftop. A crane extended 200 ft in the air picks up and places each unit in less than 4 minutes from lift to touch down.…
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Paint, Drywall, and Tile. Eeek!!!! It’s Starting to Look Like a Manufacturing Facility

The space is taking shape. The manufacturing area is getting a final coat of paint, all lighting is complete. It is such a beautiful, bright space waiting to be utilized. The stairs have been put in connecting the manufacturing floor to the offices. Yippeee, no more running around the entire…
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Exterior Facade and Parking Complete

Finishing touches are happening both on the exterior and interior of the new ASI Turning Center of Excellence. Landscaping has started and the parking areas are complete. Portions of the exterior facade are under construction and interior lighting, doors and windows are being installed.

Interior Constuction has Begun

Walls have been established on the interior of the manufacturing floor and on the second floor. The space has finally taken shape. Things are moving fast and furious at this point. Exterior work is being completed on the office space and curb and gutter has been poured. Check out our…
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The Pink Pour – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

🎗️ October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 🎗️ At Fisher Barton's Accurate Specialties Turning Center of Excellence, we're not only dedicated to precision engineering but also to making a difference in our community. 💪 Today, the msigeneral team poured the floor for our new facility with a special touch -…
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Front Office Walk Thru!

Wow! We can now visualize the space. The front office and conference room are in place. The view from the office platform is incredible. This is what 56,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space looks like! Next step is the concert pour --- things are coming together!

Building The Building


It’s Starting to Look Like a Building

We have walls. [embed][/embed]

Turning Center of Excellence Begins to Take Shape

The Turning Center of Excellence is starting to take shape. Walls are being poured. Stay tuned...

Site Preparation and Footings

Fisher Barton is excited to share the progress of the ASI Turning Center of Excellence build site. The site has been dug and footings are being poured. 

Clearing the Site

Here is a timelapse video of the site being cleared after the demolition. [embed][/embed]

Demolition of Former Casting Foundry and Office Buildings

The buildings affectionately known as "Area 51" were demolished in preparation for a new storage facility. [embed][/embed] Watch the timelapse to see the progression

Site Preparation: House Demolition

A residential house on the Accurate Specialties property was demolished in preparation for the Accurate Specialties Turning Center of Excellence. Watch the demolition.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

[gallery ids="2591,2592,2593"] Fisher Barton has selected MSI General Corporation for the design and construction of our new industrial building and site development for Accurate Specialties’ Turning Center of Excellence on Bluemound Road. To kick off construction, a groundbreaking ceremony took place on Tuesday, March 21.

Supporting Our Community: Fisher Barton Donates House for SWAT and Fire Training

A residential house on the Accurate Specialties property was slated for demolition for the new ASI Turning Center of Excellence. Prior to demolition, Fisher Barton donated the house to the Waukesha County SWAT Team and the City of Waukesha Fire Department for training. Both agencies were granted full access to…
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