Zenith Cutter Knives

We Make The Best Knives On The Planet

Thousands of customers, including the top OEMs, rely on Zenith Cutter industrial knives for demanding manufacturing processes… either to make finished goods or to break down materials for recycling. For these ‘make or break’ applications, Zenith Cutter knives are the best in the world with the highest level of quality and dependability.

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

Using lean manufacturing, Zenith Cutter constantly evaluates processes, equipment and facilities to ensure we are producing the best products at the best prices. Our multistep quality process ensures products are produced perfectly each and every time.

Thorough Analysis

Zenith Cutter’s experienced Engineering and Research & Development staff work closely with our partners to optimize machine performance through joint development of the optimal cutting solution. Our deep roots in tool steel metallurgy, heat treat and coatings provide our partners with a competitive advantage.

Customer Focus
Outstanding Customer Service

Is there anything better than our blades? Only our Customer Service! In fact, an independent Voice of Customer study puts Zenith Cutter far and away the best in our industry, with customer satisfaction scores higher than some of the largest brands on the planet.

Zenith Cutter Innovations