Sharp Blades.
Superior Lawns.

Any landscaping professional knows that sharper mower blades make for sharper-looking lawns, but blades that maintain their sharpness can also improve a lawn-care business’s on-site efficiency and cut its maintenance costs.

Mowing lawns with LaserEdge® Eversharp™ blades means minimal maintenance and downtime associated with blade sharpening, increasing overall uptime and profits.


Redefining the
Cutting Edge

High-quality, hardened steel blades equipped with the LaserEdge® Eversharp™ technology on their cutting edges have demonstrated their toughness and durability in field tests, even in the most abrasive conditions.

In one test, the LaserEdge® Eversharp™ cutting edge withstood 30 hours in severe sand conditions and became sharper during use. In a highly controlled durability test, the blade’s advanced technology performed remarkably, enduring multiple impacts from a 1-inch steel stake traveling at more than 200 mph.

Blade composite

50 Hours
of Toughness

In an intense 50-hour field test in central Florida, mower blades with LaserEdge® Eversharp™ technology proved they “cut themselves sharp” when a new cutting edge emerged as the blade wore down.

In the test, a brand-new mower blade had LaserEdge® Eversharp™ technology applied on one cutting edge and was left untreated on the other edge. After putting the blade to work for 50 hours, the results were clear. The LaserEdge® Eversharp™ cutting edge was still sharp, and the untreated side was dulled and worn away.

Results will vary based on grass type, soil type and condition, and geographical region.

Cutting Costs, Boosting Bottom Lines

Increased Fuel

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Dull blades produce resistance, putting strain on the mower deck and making it difficult to maintain speed and efficiency. Mowing with a dull blade can reduce fuel economy by as much as 22 percent*, which increases operating costs and reduces productivity.

Healthier Lawns

Healthier, Greener Lawns

A dull blade shreds and tears grass, leaving it vulnerable to dehydration, browning, and disease. LaserEdge® blades cut grass cleanly, making it easier to deliver high-quality lawn care and in-demand enhancements such as lawn striping.

Stays Sharp

Blades Stay Sharp Longer

In abrasive conditions, a blade can get dull in as little as four hours, and lawn-care operations can go through dozens of blades a week, resulting in downtime and lost revenue. No matter the environment, a LaserEdge® blade “cuts itself sharp,” reducing time spent sharpening.

Less Maintenance

Less Mower Maintenance

Blade replacement can be a dangerous undertaking. Attacking a dulled edge with a makeshift sharpening tool can irreversibly damage a blade and put workers in danger. LaserEdge® Eversharp™ blades dramatically reduce the frequency and risk of blade sharpening.

*D.H. Steinegger, R.C. Shearman, T.P. Riordan and E.J. Kinbacher, “Mower Blade Sharpness Effects on Turf,” in Agronomy Journal 75 (1983): 479–480.

Savings Calculator

See how much you can save with LaserEdge® Eversharp™ lawnmower blades.

Hours mowed per year (average per mower) 1000
After how many hours do you typically sharpen your blades 8
After how many hours do you change your blades to a new set 50
What is your billable hourly rate 50
$3672* Annual Savings + Additional
Revenue Opportunity
Per Mower
  • $432 Saved on Fuel Cost*
  • $1575 Saved on Blade Sharpenings*
  • $2625 Additional Revenue Opportunity*
  • ($960) Premium Spent on LaserEdge Blades*

* These are estimates

Calculations above are based off the following: type of lawn mower: 3-blade, 60-inch cut, gas-powered. Average gas price: $2.38. Lawn mower blade pricing: standard blade is $16. Average cost of sharpening: $5 per blade. Fuel savings: 11%. Blade removal and re-installation time: 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The LaserEdge® Eversharp™ technology is applied to the underside of the cutting edge. As the blade cuts grass, the original blade material begins to wear away and exposes a new LaserEdge® Eversharp™ cutting edge, which is even sharper than the blade’s original sharpness.

LaserEdge® Eversharp™ blades “cut themselves sharp” and require minimal sharpening, but you should monitor cutting-edge wear. Sharpening is only needed if the new LaserEdge® Eversharp™ cutting edge is not presenting itself.

If you choose to re-sharpen your LaserEdge® Eversharp™ blade, do so in a safe, controlled setting with the proper equipment. Remember to prep the machine and remove the spark plug before removing the blade. Secure the blade to a work surface with a vise or clamp, and sharpen the blade with a file, bench grinder, or professional blade grinder. Ensure the blade is evenly sharpened and balanced before remounting on the mower deck.

The LaserEdge® Eversharp™ blade is designed to “cut itself sharp” and require minimal sharpening over its life. The overall life of the blade will vary due to conditions, but its lifespan should be at least as long as a standard blade’s. In several of our tests, we found LaserEdge® Eversharp™ blades had longer lives.

The LaserEdge® Eversharp™ technology is an extremely hard, wear-resistant material. If you mow in conditions that regularly include rocks, curbs, out-cropping stones, and other hard objects, LaserEdge® Eversharp™ lawn mower blades may not be suitable for your operation.

*A good test to see if LaserEdge® Eversharp™ is right for your operation is to inspect your worn blades. Worn blades that show excessive gouging, deep gashes, or large scraps may not see all the benefits of LaserEdge® Eversharp™.

This is highly dependent on geography, soil type, and cutting conditions. The magic of LaserEdge® Eversharp™ happens when the base blade material wears away at a faster rate than the harder, more wear-resistant LaserEdge® Eversharp™ material. In highly abrasive soil conditions (like sand), we have experienced standard blades wearing out in as few as 50 hours with blade sharpenings occurring as frequently as every 4 to 8 hours. In these areas, LaserEdge® Eversharp™ began exhibiting self-sharpening in as little as 5 to 10 hours. When using LaserEdge® Eversharp™, these blades required no sharpening over the entire life of the blade. In less abrasive conditions, LaserEdge® Eversharp™ technology will take effect but over a longer time period.

The price of LaserEdge® Eversharp™ blades will vary depending on the OEM and blade configuration. Although the LaserEdge® Eversharp™ will typically be more expensive than a standard blade, the benefits of consistently having a sharp cutting edge and increased uptime surpass the increase in blade price (see Savings Calculator).

Most lawn mower Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are currently in the process of adding LaserEdge® Eversharp™ to their product line-ups. Be sure to talk to your local dealer about LaserEdge® Eversharp™.

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